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Company is an independent company registered in Switzerland as a GmbH and is linked to the international market.

The company name pa-so is the abbreviation of pa-ha-so-he. The Indian pa-ha-so-he, family member of the Hopis, founded the company in 1989 in Arizona, USA. With the support of the Indians, he studied the natural sciences (research and development) and mathematics (natural mathematics) of the Indian cultures. pa-so is a mediator of Hopi culture and the latest technology, Tatanka-Sun. pa-so is responsible for development, production and sales in the fields of jewellery, native artie facts, art (such as oil paintings, crystal figures, Pottery and Catherine dolls, etc.), multimedia and Tatanka Sun products. The family connections enable pa-so to work closely with the Native-Fundation. Thus original art, jewellery and artiefacts can be brought to Europe. The artiefacts are produced by over 2500 Indians from different tribes like Hopi, Zuni, Navajo. pa-so benefits from this prominent market position in the USA as the only licence holder in Europe.

Tatanka-Sun products are developed and manufactured internationally by Tatanka-Sun Group L.L.T. A part of them is offered by on the international market. 

With the direct distribution (Buffalo Run) of Tatanka Sun products since 2013, has more than 1400 independent resellers in Europe and over 11’000 distribution partners worldwide.

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The name Tatanka Sun, the buffalo and the sun have their origin with the Hopi Indians (Arizona) and stand for learning – experiencing – knowledge – life.

Tatanka Sun products are designed to support our nervous system. All products have a high proportion of negative ions (anions), which are absorbed by the body. A balanced relationship between positive and negative ions is a prerequisite for a well-functioning nervous system.

The basic model of our products was developed in the armaments industry for the aerospace industry and is carried by pilots worldwide. The further developed and modified version (powder – resin bound) gives us the possibility to produce products with to produce more than 5,000 negative ions. The result is a unique product.

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